Grace and surrender

Time Enough

There is time…Little bird singing, heart full. My babies sleeping, not to be rushed. Dishes done. Clothes washing. Reverse the rush and sing along there is time enough to give thanks.



2016 is over. And 2017 has held brighter days to begin with. After the haze of my first and hopefully last ever hospital getaway I can say with full confidence that I was arrogant and ungrateful because my life is full of goodness. AND I am wholeheartedly thankful for second chances…and repeated grace to fall down and get up. This morning I felt a pin prick of sadness reflecting on the upcoming holiday. I’ve felt rushed, as most moms and human beings in general may feel. I feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to let the people I love the most know that I enjoy them, I care about their days, I miss them. AND a few of my dearest family and friends will be working this holiday, some have moved off, and others are just too far away to see. Be it distance, time, busyness the fact is, I sometimes feel sad that I can’t be closer to the people I love. Busy chasing down money, or obligations, I sometimes neglect the most important exercise of giving thanks for the time I do have. This week and starting with this moment, this day I am giving thanks for all that is enough in my life. There is enough time to thank God for His present grace, love, and mercy…and for all those I’ve been loved by and allowed to love.

To my family and friends, I am thankful for you!


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