Tossing back my veil

“Let me become notorious for going around with my bridal veil tossed back and my mouth saying I do. Renewing my vows with life. Every day. A hundred times a day.”–Sue Monk Kidd

And we’re off! Though there’s no race or well worn path for us on this new turn of our story. Ten some odd years ago Tim & I daydreamed about a honeymoon to Maine. We also daydreamed about money and a house and kids. We started backwards many times over at nearly everything. And today we move forward together, aware. Life, and the details therein can be mesmerizing or mundane it’s the mundane that must be dealt with in order to restore the wander and romance. And now our love story is much more like sacrifice and hard work and responsibility encased with dreams coming true. We hope to settle in New Jersey tonight and then wander our way I up to Maine. Along the way we hope to be mesmerized by the sun, sound, sights of the trip. I’m certain our butts will tire of our seats. I will want to stop for a leg stretch more than him. And for sure the unexpected will happen, it’s all unexpected to a degree. But in the end we are saying yes…today, together as we have been for ten and a half years. I’m certain that the timing of our honeymoon is perfect and much sweeter than it would’ve been. I’m nowhere near as entitled as I was back then. I’m terribly thankful for and to this silly boy. And what’s a story without the rise and fall of learning be present for better or worse. 


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