A kindhearted woman gains honor–Proverbs 11:16

Savor by Shauna Niquest is by far my favorite devotional and today the focus was on the “Sacred Work of Mothering…” I love this devotional because it’s practical and not super duper religious.

So mom (and also my tribe mommas) this one is for you…

My mom is the woman who has taught me the most about love. Mary Esther, you have been both mom and dad. So you are my super mom! In her younger years she faced a lot of trauma, and depression has been a constant battle for her, yet she never abandoned us, she has always been a constant force of love and though I haven’t always seen it as that, I look back now and know it to be true. She taught me to fish and she taught me the art of falling apart and putting the pieces back together…She has made great strides in her life and each time she has exemplified that effort outweighs resources or talent, she’s been a constant example of steady does it. I love her grit, resiliency, and ability to be exactly who she is, in any crowd. She taught me that mistakes do not out weigh or overshadow a tender heart, a great sense of humor, and sacrificial love…She taught me to take in strays, both animals and humans. She fed, clothed, and sheltered us…often times doing jobs that were incredibly low paying and physically and emotionally demanding.

She taught me that it’s never too late to pick up, start over, and that when the time comes and you’ve had enough you’ll know it and you can do it…she left a life that 70% of women do not get out of…She’s one tough cookie that loved her children enough to do the hardest thing ever, leave the familiar for the unknown. Look at the two men that mattered most, Zachary and Corey, these two men have turned out to be remarkable because of your example!

She went all in and all out for me with prom dresses, art supplies, basketball shoes, and so much more. She never questioned her attempts at loving me extravagantly even though it made no practical sense, she did it anyway…I know you wanted me to have everything. I had your love and that was the most important thing. She gave me her arms, hands, and hugs when I needed them…she never questioned whose side she was on, she’s always been in my corner, even at times when i’ve tried to push her out. She has talked me off mental ledges, out of dark spaces, and when she couldn’t talk anymore she’s simply been there with me, her presence enough.

She brings a wellspring of joy into my heart and life. She has the best phrases and Appalachian accent that I cherish and secretly want to save because they are a fragrance of her natural beauty, a whisper of the mountains she grew up in. She has never painted on faces for audiences or clicks, she is who she is and now I appreciate that because being true to yourself is hard to do! I love her. She has shown me what it means to be an imperfect vessel carrying out the perfect love of God. My mom is one of the reasons I still even believe in God. Not because she drug me to church every time the doors flew open, but because she has endured poverty, pain, and life and still managed to laugh, give, and love. She has dropped her own plans and agenda more times than I can count to put my family and our needs first and i’m finally realizing that mom’s do that kind of stuff, they put their kids first. She’s one out of only a few people (Tim has grit too) that have been brutally honest enough to call my bluff and put me in check when I’m a raging ball of mess. She is feisty, funny, and faithful. She is the example of beauty that I want my daughter to see! She taught me how to use profanity to my advantage and with comical undertones…she’s one of the main influencers of why I love language, reading, and writing.

I’ve been influenced by a small tribe and my Super Momma is numero uno. The other women like my sophomore english teacher, my mom-in-law, and my sister-mommas out there that have loved and shaped my idea of a woman/mom all have traits that are fierce, nurturing, gritty, funny, creative, and tender. These images are pieced together like a patchwork quilt, and the stitches are imperfect nor precise according to some imagined standard. These women cover me, keep me warm, loved and connected…helping me be a mother to my own children. Thank you Mom! and mommas!


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